Rites of Passage Enchantress

A ceremony to honour and welcome a woman stepping into her personal power. This phase is not included in the ancient 3 phases of the Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone),  just as the onset of sexuality between maiden and birth is also not included. However I need to agree with my teacher Tanishka’s path, and to Include it as it is an important link the between the Mother and The Wise Woman or originally called, Crone.  This is the phase when we embody our true  feminine nature as we have been travelling at this stage, many menstruations with the moon and no longer seek validation from what the patriarchal society deems as acceptable. We instead turn towards our gifts and other subtle senses like our intuition or dreams, which in turn enhances them. Therefore this phase is liked to the magi or sorceress as one who relates to her inner source.

At this phase we have undergone the trials of motherhood- and even if we are not physical mothers, we still have given birth to projects, work and ideas and therefore have gained strength through responsibilities and discipline. Also, we tend to focus now our creative eye on what we would like to achieve  in the world as sovereign queens and we have now gained the power to make changes. Unlike how we were in the maiden phase where we were exploring and making unconscious choices, we now enter a new maiden phase, but this time around full of knowing, insight strength and magnetism. This is the time where we step into our power by being able to reflect on our maidenhood and to harvest and channel our wisdom into new creative endeavours. We have the power to make a change in the world.

We no longer go unwittingly and unwillingly to our shadow and wounds. No, this time we are willing to do the deep sea diving because we know that within the depth of our dark lies pain, fears as well as our healing, and by transforming these wounds into wisdom, we impact our community and the world around us.

The challenge that we face here is that we need to cultivate inner light and strength to be able to make affect in the world. We need to keep vigilant heart-centred inner vision, to consult and to stay true to one’s own truth as well as being able to take full responsibility for one’s own thoughts, choices and actions and how that reflects back to us in the world around us. We base decisions on discernment and how we feel and we no longer suffer fools Moreover, self- love becomes a priority, in body, mind and spirit, for we realise that your wealth lies in your health.

It is also the time to recognise that the phase of the Mother is over and it is time to create your life and vision.


Great for 40th or 49/50th birthdays alternative to help empower women and to honour their healing journey. This is done by consciously releasing all that no longer serves them and thereby creating space for what they would like to seed.


This ceremony also suits women who are in the midst of some kind of crisis or loss, for instance a separation or children leaving home. Moreover this ceremony is perfect for women who are embarking on a new vision. This could take the form of a new study, or starting a whole new business or  even migrating or travelling on their own


    * Calling in Power

    Creating Sacred Space in the circle and cleansing all present.


    * Blessings

     We create from a place of gratitude for all, because even our biggest problems hold the key to our greatest growth. The women and the guest of honour exchange what they are grateful to each other for.


    * Sharing the Healing Journey

    The guest of Honour shares the healing and insights she has gained from her journey so that she may be seen and honoured in her truth.


    * Medicine

    Each chare the gift they have brought for the guest of honour’s next journey.


    Release Ceremony

    The guest of honour is witnessed as she openly releases what no longer serves her. She will have been asked to prepare. This act is very powerful as sisters witnesses the sharing. This is aan act of power to stand open and bare. Once it has been read, it will be burned and the guest of honour will be cleansed with sage.


    * Seeding

    The guest of honour will then share her intentions with the group and ask for support from all who are present.


    * Opening the Medicine Wheel & Meditation

    Like the American Indians, the medicine wheel can be invoked as support for the guest of honour. The gust of honour will then take her place in the centre of the crystal grid and then all will be led in mediation.


    * Vision Quest

    The Guest of honour will be led into a shamanic trance journey for a vision. After she will share the what she would like herself to embody and the circle of women will hold these spoken qualities in their vision for her.

    Afterwards the guest of honour will share her vision and insights and everyone may share their insights of feeling called to do so.


    * Embody Power

    The guest of honour will share 5 undertakings that she will carry our in the next year. At the beginning of the next 12 month all will gather again to look over what she has gained from the past year.


    * Consult the Oracle

    The guest of honour will then pull a medicine card.


    * Celebration

    Cake and Candles to celebrate her rebirth. Afterwards a shred dinner.


    * This Act of Power Ceremony can be done annually as a Rites of Passage for the New Year or at Winter or Summer Solstice.

    For groups or couples


    Duration 3 hours

    Costs: €315 for a minimum of 7 women and 45 euros extra per person.


    This includes all materials except for the cake and food, this is potluck.

    If the ceremony is held in my Temple Space then I can offer to cook food for and extra of €10 pp including drinks.


    Keep posted for future retreats in the feminine island of Ibiza!

      Enter in a feminine oasis…

      Everyone is welcome.  Always.


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