Belly Blessing

Your space will be transformed into a Middle Eastern Sacred Goddess Temple Space with cushions, candles  flowers and soft drapes. Enter in a feminine oasis for for fulfilling ad delighting the senses.



The American Indian tradition of a Blessingway ceremony is for the to be mother to be showered with blessings surrounded by her loved ones and beloved friends to encourage her on her journey into motherhood. This Rites of Passage into motherhood is very supportive, transformational and empowering.

Birth, as any other will know like a warrioressses shamanic test and initiation whereby she is plunged into her deepest realm of her soul world. She is crossing into the otherworld and bringing back out a baby from across veil. It is by far one of the hardest accomplishment a woman can undertake and all she can do is surrender to the unknown. We are overwhelmed and hit by our own fears and shadow. Many women are left afterwards in shock and wounded, which the mainstream fails to mention. It helps women to understand the transitional process from the free-woman to the response-able mother. Many women get depression after giving birth. This ancient ceremony was one of the blood rites of passage, initiating women as she is stripped of her innocence (like the passage from girl to maiden) and therefore it is also a loss and is unfathomable in comparison to anything else she will undertake. Motherhood asks of us that we see what it is that we have overlooked and dissociated from ourselves and this journey requires us become self-nurturing, loving and responsible. It is a journey into becoming whole.

Just as a man needs to integrate coming back from war, so too do new mothers need to create resolution and integrate her shadow-journey after giving birth. It is a heroic undertaking to bring another soul into the world, and this feminine experience in undermined in our culture. This journey impacts a woman’s psyche, emotional and not just bodily aspect. She need tools to make this transition, like: expression though art and writing during pregnancy, preparing her with yoga, breath and energy work like trance dancing to release our wounds and trauma, energy healing, massage and gyno-osteopathy, having some form of inner help guide for her afterwards like holistic coaching or therapy.

This Rites of Passage is the most life altering event of a woman’s life, physically, emotionally and psychologically. It impacts every facet of our lives: our life style, home, finance, relationships, roles, identity, values…etc.



    Sacred Moonlodge Temple

    In honour of the ancient American Indian Blessingway Ceremny and Moonlodge where women gather together to share, care, empower and honour one another by siting in a cleansed and beautiful sacred space, I will create sacred temple space in your home, with cushions, soft fabrics, fresh flowers and candles to delight your feminine senses.


    Welcoming the Godess

    This stops us from making pseudo rituals – like smoking marihuana instead of passing a talking stick, watching tv, instead of listening to our stories, or vandalising walls instead of marking our passage from boys to men…so that they feel they have a place and voice in the world.

    Delightful Indulgence

    Of your senses through the senses with

    * sumptuous treats, fruits and healing tea blends and juices. I also ask the women to bring delightful treats (homemade if possible) to nourish the body and  soul.

    * Massage and foot bath using exotic natural foot scrubs, hand and foot butter.


    Moon Mother Ceremony

    * Birth magic

    Explanation of this ancient Rites of Passage

    * Medicine Gifts

    All the women will present the Mother with their gifts. I will have had contact with the women in order for them to prepare. This can later become a family heirloom to be passed down through the generations.

    * Prayer and Empowerment

    All the women will present their blessings , flowers and payers (again in preparation previously given to the women before hand)

    * Web of Life

    This is a powerful connective ceremony where the mother and baby are connected and supported by the women for the moment of labour birth (again instructions are given beforehand to the attending women).

    * Birth Bead

    The Mother will make a Birthing Bead as a talisman and power gift for during pregnancy and passed down as an heirloom.

    * Sacred Oracle Reading- a shared reading between all present.

    * Storytelling and sharing…and fun game as ending and beginning to tickle the inner child.


    Moon Gifts

    Each member receives an all-natural Moon Blessing bath scrub to take home



    Beautiful Invitations will be provided to be sent to all of the guests (with picture of the baby in utero if desired)


    Earth Father

    The to-be-father may also be invited

    This is new to the Secret Women’s Business that birthing was in the ancient traditions. However, the tides are changing and earth fathers are welcome into this very special event.


    Duration: 3 hours

    Costs: €450 euros for up to10 special guests

    An additional €45 per person extra



    * 5% discount is paid a week in advance to Moon Belly Blessing

    * Gift Bonus if a Ceremony Booking has been referred to


    Surprise a loved one with a Rites of Passage Ceremony – a truly priceless gift to be remembered forever Rites of Passage


    To discuss any additional needs or to make a booking click below…


      Enter in a feminine oasis…

      Everyone is welcome.  Always.


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