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“You have to look deeper, way below the anger, the hurt, the hate, the jealousy, the self-pity, way down deeper where the dreams lie, son. Find your dream. It’s the pursuit of the dream that heals you.”

Billy Mills (father), Oglala Lakota



You were meant to live from your heart…To thrive – not just to survive…

To live from your heart and to let your bright Spirit and Soul shine through in all of its beauty…Your talents, your gifts…your vision…And you can

Whether work, relationships, or yourself – is out of balance… it reflects on the whole.

  • Stressed, anxious, or burnt-out.
  • Limits that keep you stuck in passivity, out of touch with your emotions, or depressed.
  • Not being able to maintain relationships.
  • Low self-esteem, self-criticism or self-doubt, judgment, or loathing.

The secret is…you already have everything you need to become and achieve exactly what you desire.



  • Feeling in connection to all aspects of your life.. feeling grounded in your body, steady in your emotions, full of energy and actions that are proactive and life-enhancing…
  • Being able to attain your goals with ease…
  • Maintain happy and balanced relationships, comfortably expressing your feelings…
  • Enjoy greater self-confidence, daring to be who you truly are and feeling more love and acceptance for yourself
  • Being released from the inner-critic..your know- that voice in your head…




Living your Vision

From your Heart


Being who you are





Spirit-Heart Guidance Details and Prices 

These are guidance sessions held 2x per month. I will guide you to go deeper to the root of your trauma, problem, or pattern you would like to resolve. All of my work holds the intention to align you to live more from your heart, your truth, and your purpose here on Earth.

I use shamanic and holistic practices, energy and sound healings as well as massage or working with crystals.

All of my session include raw cacao and is optional.

  • 90 minutes Intake €120  and Is a healing session in itself
  • 60-minute session €93
  • 90-minute session: €135

all of the above are including tax 21%




Spirit-Heart Healing Sessions

These are single healing sessions. These are 90 minute – 2 hour because I always begin with a conversation to find the root of the problem to help you there at the cause.

I use shamanic or holistic practices infused with sound and energy healing as well as crystal or massage

  • 90 minutes… 132
  • 2 hours      … €176

Prices above include taxes 21%



Womb Massage

These are intuitive massages that can be booked in as an extra or on its own. This is a way to align and come into deep connection with your creative, intuitive, and Feminine Self. It is a healing in itself and brings you reconnection with your Soul Self and on all levels: emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychic.

  • 30 minutes …€ 27

All prices include taxes 21%



What People Are Saying

“I am now able to stand my ground and speak and take action from my core self. I cannot recommend Wen-Wei enough!”

Berthe Velthuizen


“Working with her has saved me from giving up. I am re-inspired and going for my dreams.”


Fabiola van de Zijde


“Wen-Wei helped me achieve clarity in my life and guided me towards achieving my goals. I really appreciate all of your help.”

Chi Hua

Serious Comedian

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