9 Month Rebirth 2021

Welcome, beloved Sister. Welcome your womanhood. your divine feminine and welcome to your deep inner truth and to your Womb-Heart…

You will travel around the Womb Medicine Wheel for the healing of deep wounds. and traumas…Rebirthing yourself into your divine feminine body…

In a closed group of 13 women, we will gather in Sacred Circle- grounding and embracing our life lessons, restoring our deep knowing and reclaiming our wisdom. to embody who you truly and bring that back into the material world.

We will:

  • Meet 1x per month for 9 months.
  • We will meet at different locations
  • Work with Shamanic and tantric practices
  • Using the guidance of goddess archetypes, natrual, lunar and star cycles.
  • Womb-Lore

Who know the interconnectedness of this divine Web of Life…We are sacred and magical channels, leaving tracks of divine hope, love and deep reverence for our Earth Mother, all living beings and Cosmos…

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Early Bird Pricing:

If you register before June 2021 you receive a 10% discount !

9 Month Rebirth Year Training

How do do you connect with your womanhood and what does it mean?

Reconnecting with your womanhood, your feminine Shakti Power and your true inner essence of who you are…is embodying evey aspect of yourself.
Reintegrate your deep feminine and walk in beauty and succulence…where each moment brings you more joy and opportunities…Is wholeness.
Freedom is feeling what needs to be felt and expressing that from one moment to the next.. Embody what it means to be your own sovereign queen… You Divine Feminine Essence…

How it’s done?

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Feeling, Truth & Transforming

By letting go…

By facing old wounds, loss and grief and recapturing your soul and feminine essence by embodying wisdom and anchoring your lessons…

You will travel with an intimate closed group meeting once a month for 9 months…And rebirth yourself…Beginning your next year with clarity of vision, groundedness in your being and feeling more connected with yourself and all of life. You will have greater compassion for or yourself, lovingly wiser, open and infinitely empowered.

Let go …and feel loved and supported to work through your fears and blocks


We will heal and transform around teh Womb Medicine Wheel

I work with Sacred Ceremonies, Rituals. and the ebband flow of the Lunar and seasonal cycles.  Embracing our lessons.

Womb Wisdom and Healing Meditations around the Feminine and womb Medicine Wheel.

Shamanic and tantric practices.

Womb Trance Dancing, Walking Mother Ancestor practices,  Circle and Oracle Sharing, nature-work and creativities…

We meet in different locations and when there is availabilty will stay 1x overnight.

9 Month Rebirth Investment

Transform and Heal yourself around the Feminine and Womb Medicine Wheel

* Meeting 1x per month and  in different locations to align our lives with the seasonal cycles. Most of these dates are portals and energy gates to gain wisdom so that whatever we seed that day will attain its fullest potential. These energy ports speed up transformational processes.

* To know and embody your womanhood, sacred feminine and sensual self, by reconnecting and opening the wisdom and love of your heart and womb. You will awaken your sacred Shakti and stepping into your divine power and womanhood.

* In an intimate group of 13 women, you will immerse yourself in healing and love by bringing wholeness and health to old wounds, shame, loss and grief and renew yourself, gain healthy boundaries, align with your true self and be able to express and embody your authenticity.

* We practice sacred sisterhood circle sharing. You will be able to honour what you feel, as so many women are used to ignoring what we feel and overstepping ourselves. Plus, this ancient practice is very powerful, speeding up the process of transforming our wounds into wisdom.

* I work with shamanic, tantric and ancient womb wisdom practices and incorporate the goddess archetypes with the natural and star cycles. This brings about deep transformation so that you can live yourlife walking in beauty making right choices and actions.

* You will undergo sacred ceremonies, like the Woman’s Rites of Passages and rituals like trance dance, cacao and thermosacal (a feminine sweat lodge). So that we respect the right use of our power and raise the energy for healing and creation. we celebrate the moon, our rites of passage as women and our connection with nature and her elements. We will anchor the change we want to be and see in our lives.

* Guest speakers will attend to guide us deeper into our essence, like energy healing, sound healing and sacred massage.

* The workshop will take about a minimum of 5 hours but will be mainly a whole day affair with lunch and/or dinner included.  I wish to plan in 1x staying overnight (The lodging will be extra costs). The dates may vary according to booking options, but if so, will vary by little.

The year Training will transform and help you step into your womanhood, power and true authenticity. it brings you into alignment with the natural cycles so that you can flow with the tides of your life so that you can plan and create your full potential.


Your investment


A payment plan can always be arranged 

Welcome sister…You are not alone and together we transform the world by transforming ourselves- creating a Heaven on Earth

As always…

Here’s to you beloved…

Ready to Immerse Yourself?

Welcome Sister…


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