Medicine Journey Trance Dance

How do we navigate the seas of our life? To make choices that open doors for us?

Embody Your Journey

Connect with your intuition

Heal and Release

Manifest and Transform


I invite you to join in Sacred Ceremony to truly embody in-sight, heal and create.

Ritual Trance Dance

A Neo-Shamanic Ritual to take a journey using dance, drums, and rhythm. Your eyes will be covered with a scarf so that our other senses awaken. The course of the dance is set through the use of your Intention and it is energised through your Attention. Like meditation, a space of no thought and love can be attained. Though, instead of going out-of-body, you will inhabit the body and indulge the senses.

Let go and surrender to the moment…allow your body to guide you.

* Music is mixed to the Astrological Energy of the Moon

Let us be our own shaman…

… “One who sees in the dark”



What People Are Saying

“It felt like meditation, but more intense. I could really release myself from my thoughts. I felt reconnected with my body and intuition. I attended several Trance Dances and I created more space in my life because of them.

I recommend Wen-Wei’s Shamanic Trance Dance to anyone wanting to live intentionally.”

Thomas Mulder


“I felt super vulnerable during the dance, this might have been because it was new to me or because I came there with the wrong mindset, or maybe because of the fact that I was blindfolded and the only thing I am dealing with was my inner spirit. That is actually an amazing thing because I learned a lot about myself, my weaknesses and strengths. We held a sharing circle afterwards and it was really kind of her to consult me and others after the dance was over. I can’t wait to go again!”


Restaurant Manager

“I am in the business world and never dreamed I would be dancing with a blindfold on and the thought of a ritual unnerved me. However, it transformed me.. It was unexpectedly amazing. I felt in fact very relaxed afterwards and as if a lot of stress had fallen off of me.  I have never danced with an intention, but it made the workshop special. Wen-Wei creates a feeling of safety and trust. I felt I could let go. Priceless. Thank you.”


Business Owner

Womyn Medicine Journey Trance Dances

Whilst the above are for mixed groups, I also hold Medicine Journey Trance Dances specifically for women- where I work on specifically to heal our feminine and womanhood. The journey’s include working with the transition phases of women, so the Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Wise Woman as well as the Womb which holds the traumas of our wounded womanhood as well as that of our female ancestors. I like working with archetypes that are related to the chakras, which when we work with them and their lessons, we bring about amazing transformation into wholeness.

As above, I always work with integrating our shadow and by travelling towards what hurts us and what we fear, we rebirth ourselves so that we can inhabit our divine feminine here on earth- our feeling, sensual and succulent aliveness.

Ready to Tranceform? 


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