Taking It Yin


    “As you live deeper in the Heart, the mirror gets clearer and clearer.” Rumi

I invite you to give yourself permission to:

          * Restore and bring back balance in your life.

               …Be still…

         * Cultivate emotional well-being and resilience.

         * Release trauma and depression.

                  …Heal deep tension…

         * Enjoy an increase your flexibility and to move with fluidity

                  … Feel whole…

Moon Yin
Deep Healing Sessions
These journeys are to connect the intelligence of your hara for men and womb for women, heart, and head…With Source
Harnessing the energy of the moon to go inward so we heal and soothe…release and relax. The classes are crafted to balance the chakra and meridian system so that life energy flows. Visualization and meditation are weaved throughout the lesson to bring you deeper into relaxation and gentle inner healing.
I craft these sessions as a healing and soothing bath…Also to work with the psyche (our inner and soul realm) as well as our body. In these sessions, we release and shift old energy and patterns in a loving and gentle way…Using meridian, Chinese Medicine, and a mixture of acupressure, shamanic journeying, storytelling and Love…
I use the power of the Moon & Sun to help us align to the cycles to bring balance and healing harmony…Watch as your life transforms and becomes calmer…
You will feel a release, rest, and prepared for the weeks ahead…As well as deep communion with all life, nature, elements and each other…
Together we will help usher n a new world and humanity ..one breath at a time…
From my home to yours…From my heart to yours
Love and Light

Moon Yin Online

From my home to yours every New Moon and Full Moon 

Moon Yin & JourneYin

And Breathe…

Sink into your Self…At the end of the week in The Conscious Club Amsterdam

And at the beginning of the week at Mahara Amsterdam

Private Healing Sessions

For intimate groups and 1 on 1



What People Are Saying

“Wen-Wei is such an inspiring teacher! After her lessons, I feel more grounded and in my body. It’s such a fantastic way to begin my day like this! I love that she incorporates breath work and chakra balancing, and I always feel seen because she is so personally attentive.”


Lead Project Manager, Schiphol


Interested in Private Moon Yin & Medicine Healing Sessions?

Private Moon Yin Medicine

Amazingly soft and nurturing. Really embody the Earth element for grounding and centering. These are powerful practices for  healing. I  use a mixture of shamanic practices, Moon Yin, and massage

90 minutes €111

  • with or without sacred cacao

*** Check me out online to see if you resonate with me! Moon Yin Online

Click HERE to register for an online class

Click HERE (coming soon ) for the schedule 2020

Medicine Awakening

3x transformative sessions: € 288 – A healing journey working on the Hara or Womb, Heart and Third Eye. These session release blocks and brings healing to these three powerful places to bring transformation in your life.

  • with or without sacred cacao


Group Medicine Awakening

max 3x people in a private group session

A healing session using a mixture of shamanic practices, yin and massage€207 

  • with or without sacred cacao


All Healing sessions in my home Amsterdam


*** All above prices include tax 21%

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Taking it Yin


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