…the Secret of Womyn…

“To be ourselves causes us to be exiled by many others and yet to comply with what others want causes us to be exiled from ourselves.”
Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Sisters, I invite you to…

  • Enter into Sacred Circle…
  • rest, reflect and replenish yourself…
  • Heal and empower yourself, one another and the collective femine pain…
  • Access and embody your Wisdom and Intuition…
  • Share your Soul story.
  • practice shadow-work to determine the lessons, transform them and rise beyond…
  • Experience your
    Shaman Self…

Womyn’s Moonlodge 




Every Month you revitalise and rebirth yourself in a safe sanctuary created entirely for you. Allow yourself to be lovingly nurtured through the mysteries of Sacred Feminine.

I offer these Moonlodges from a place of love, compassion and honour. Sharing in-Circle and shadow-work are the basis. Diving deeply into the shadow and light aspects harvests the lessons of our path. I work with the nature and the star cycles, goddess archetypal wisdom, tantric and taoistic lore and shamanic ritual and ceremony so that we harness complete transformation, healing and wholeness.

Sister, whether you are hurting, isolated, exhausted, needing to break patterns, overcome obstacles, feeling as if something is still missing or you want to manifest and create the life you crave for….welcome…


  • Journey Meditation
  • Wisdom Wheel and Oracle Guidance
  • Sacred Re-birthing
  • Transformational Practices like dance and energy work.
  • Exquisite Lunch or Dinner – organic, vegetarian and uniquely tailored for our moonflow
Receive monthly Wisdom Insights in line with each New Moon. My gift to you ❤


What Women Are Saying

I was emotionally stressed, unbalanced and in need of more stability in my life. Then I joined Wen-Wei’s womyn’s Moonlodge and my life transformed. Healing in sisterhood helped me to share and take leadership in my life. We exchange energy and support each other which really helped me to become whole and into the flow of life. Each circle is different and I always leave feeling lighter and wiser.

Wen-Wei also incorporates and provides us with delicious plant based lunches and dinners that are organic and iron rich. She loves cooking and you feel nurtured.

Moreover, we always leave with a gift that delights the heart, is good for your body and spirit. I feel nurtured, nourished and loved.

I’ve gone round the whole year with her and she has helped me grow and love myself… Thank you so much! And I highly recommend her lodge it’s magical, healing and empowering.


Moonlodge attendee

“Just as my daughter had her first flow, I found out about Wen-Wei’s Moonlodge and Menarche ceremony.

I wanted my daughter to understand what was happening to her. I wanted her to feel special and cherished. Honestly joining Wen-Wei gave her the most clear, explanatory, loving embrace into womanhood I could have imagined. I felt healing within myself for being able to join this ceremony as I’m sure some of the other women did too. The girls were loved and gifted and Wen-Wei’s voice helped us become closer and closer together.

Wen-Wei’s spirit and true voice make sense and her Moonlodge’s provide comfort in what sometimes feel like trying times. Her Moonlodge, her beautiful home and her tent feel like a safe haven to release our feminine beauty and being there feels like coming up for air. I can’t thank her enough. I’m so looking forward to gathering and strengthening together. For those of you seeking nourishment of your true self, Wen-Wei and the rest of us will welcome you with open hearts.”

Alisa & Daughter

Moonlodge attendee

Every time I go to another Womyn’s Moonlodge, it feels as if I am pulling a soft and warm blanket over me. My first lodge I had together with my daughter to give her her Rites of Passage into womanhood to celebrate and commemorate this sacred moment. The idea of it alone resonated with me deeply. My daughter experienced it as beautiful. Positive and powerful.

The moonlodge allows you to be yourself without judgement. It’s amazing and beautiful to receive and give all this wisdom, experiences, warmth and love.

All of this under the guidance of Wen-Wei who facilitate the lodge from her heart and teachings.

My daughter and I both felt safe enough top be ourselves and to share our experiences. The moonlodge has given me the inspiration and purpose to research who I authentically am.

I completely recommend this journey to every woman. You are worth it!


Moonlodge attendee

Moonlodge Pricing 

Womyn’s Moonlodge

at Flink Yoga & Mahara Amsterdam

Is for women lwho are looking to live an authentic life and to get in touch with theri womanhood on a cyclic basis. Wome who are looking for a shared practice to accelerate their growth and looking to do shadow -work, healing and transformational work. Here we get to embody our sacred feminine though working with our psyche, emotions and energy bodies through dance, meditation, singing and energy work.  A safe place to empower and rebirth ourselves by doing sacred practice where we cosciously descend into the dark so that we may arise…sovereign and true to yourself.

Every month there will be a different theme depending on where the sun and moon are in the constalations. I work with the medicine of Goddess archetypes and trantric chakra lore as well as the natural cycles and seasonal power gates. All of my workshops are open to what the the group needs and what intutive guidance I recieve in that moment.

  • Circle Opening with shamanic grounding & meditation
  • Sacred practice: and shadow work.
  • Sharing through full Mandala Oracle Reading
  • Closing circle and integration
  • I encourage grounding by nourishing your body and soul.

Embody … honour your body as it is now … be vulnerable.

Please come early so that we can start on time

  • 15:00-18:00
  • I always advise staying afterwards for dinner at FLINK to integrate, ground and nourish your body and soul –
  • 20% discount on the lovely organic food cooked with love at FLINK

Gift yourself this moment of honour to grow and heal…

See you there, sister.

To reserve a spot click on the link

 Womyn’s Red  Moonlodges

This is the special Moonlodge for deep shadow work and  for women who know how to share their vulnerabilities and need a space to connect, be witnessed and rebirthed.

Not for women who are new to moonlodge.

It is for women who are light workers, coaches and therapists, women who hold space for others. and who are in the spiritual field working as a healer.


For the women who know that in order to grow you must take full responsibility for your choices and actions- you know that there is no place for blame..You know that to share your truth takes true courage and is true strenght and power… You will know who you are and this will resonate with you.

Limited space- only held in a small and intimate group. 

Held every New Moon – the time when we the tides are low and we feel at our lowest in energy and darkest emotionally…However- this is the most potent and powerful time to do the greeat inner work…Time when we can connect to our shadow. to do deep shadow work. I always open the circle in ritual and the highlight is the sharing. When there is time we will do sacred practices or tantric, tao and shamanic nature. 
…and I always cook- so that you can integrate, ground and nuriture your body and soul… 

Dates held are always around the New Moon window- this is the most powerful time for gathering to do the inner shadow work. 

Please connect with me via my ohone or email


0643744825- just leave a message and I will get back to you.

I work with nature’s cycles, shamanic ceremony and ritual, mediation, dance and trance-dance and my work has colours of tantric and tao practice. 

Moonlodge are an ancient and powerful cyclic practice to accelerate healing and transformation on a soul level. 

To do shadow work is a self honouring practice and a true gift.

Be welcome sister

9 Month Rebirth Womyn's Year Training

Beginning October 31st 2020

Reconnecting with your womanhood, your feminine Shakti Power and your true inner essence of who you are…
Reintegrate your deep feminine and walk in beauty and succulence…where each moment brings you more joy and opportunities…
Freedom is feeling what needs to be felt and expressing that.. Embody what it means to be your own sovereign queen… You Divine Feminine Essence…



Watch the “Moonlodge” video

Hi everyone! This video is for womyn on the importance of gathering together to empower each other through true sisterhood… welcome sisters….Say Hi or leave a comment. Questions Re very welcome- and if you feel called to join in circle to release, empower and refill you cups sisters- you can check out up my upcoming Womyn’s Moonlodges in the events section! Here’s to your flow ♥️

Posted by Rest2flow on Thursday, 14 March 2019

Ready to Honour Yourself?

Welcome, sisters.

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