Belly Blessing Ceremony



You and 9 others’ space will be transformed into a Middle Eastern Sacred Goddess Temple Space with cushions, candles  flowers and soft drapes. Enter in a feminine oasis for for fulfilling ad delighting the senses.

What to expect…

Sacred Moonlodge Temple: In honour of the ancient American Indian Blessingway Ceremny and Moonlodge where women gather together to share, care, empower and honour one another by siting in a cleansed and beautiful sacred space, I will create sacred temple space in your home, with cushions, soft fabrics, fresh flowers and candles to delight your feminine senses.

Welcoming the Goddess: ‘May you walk in Beauty’  I ask the Mother to be to adorn herself in Beautiful feminine goddess clothing befit a queen and if possible anything that will allow her to regale her fullmoon belly. If so wished I also have silky goddess clothing of skirts, wraps and tops to make a woman feel her sensual self.

Delightful Indulgence: Of your senses through the senses with

* sumptuous treats, fruits and healing tea blends and juices. I also ask the women to bring delightful treats (homemade if possible) to nourish the body and  soul.

* Massage and foot bath using exotic natural foot scrubs, hand and foot butter.


Duration: 3 hours

Costs: €450 euros for up to 10 special guests

An additional €45 per person extra


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