Womyn's Mysteries

Heb je je ooit afgevraagd waarom Eva uit Adams rib werd gevormd? Hoe ontstond de schepping van een man uit een mannelijke god, toen elke man uit een vrouw werd geboren? Dat deed ik toen ik klein was en het deed me wensen dat ik een man was in plaats van een vrouw, en dus was ik het grootste deel van mijn leven een jongensjongen. Het was niet tot de zwangerschap van mijn dochter dat ik begon te verlangen naar mijn vrouwelijke ... Ik had geen idee wat dat betekende of waarom ik me zo voelde. En mijn reis begon in het rijk van de vrouwelijke mysteriën, ...





Why I play with the word ‘womyn’ because in Dutch ‘yn’ is part of the word ‘mijn’ which means ‘ mine,’ and so I am reclaiming my womanhood that was once lost and so I am devoted to helping women all over the world reclaiming their Great Goddess selves There is a large grass roots movement that is seeing the bringing back into balance the lost Sacred Feminine which was lost to this 5000 years of patriarchal society, which has seen the annihilation, repression and expulsion of women during this time period.

What is the Goddess and the Sacred Feminine?

Ancient cultures have always honoured the Great Mother and the Mystery of Life who shows herself in many layers and forms where all of creation is birthed from…and it is this that is the feminine…the potential to create life.. Unimaginable and pure. A Goddess is the incarnation and embodiment of these feminine gifts… As wise woman, mother, lover, creatrix…and wholeness beyond the polarities of light and dark, good or bad…etc.

The Sacred Feminine is the embodiment and expression of all that is whole and expresses feminine qualities, like cration, reflection, sharing, nurturing and wisdom… She who holds her life and all others as sacred..

A Goddess is not a slim and strong nubile young warrioress- this is very misleading…We are all Goddesses in our own rights.. It is our innate ability to honour and love ourselves as divine…knowing and becoming wise to our inner world… and expressing that with love and honour.

So welcome my sister into your Sacred Feminine…

Reclaiming our Power



Once in our herstory, the women was revered within the community and considered natural shamans…and especially when she was menstruating… This was the moment when women’s subtle senses and intuitive gifts were heightened and she could connect with her dreamtime and visions…. The women would gather in menstrual huts, like what the American Indian called Moonlodges and were taught secret woman’s mysteries…. It was an honoured time when we would rest and share our hearts and visions.

In order for us to be empowered again we need to learn and re-know our heritage and gifts of sisterhood and the feminine wisdom taught in these sacred circles gatherings which occurred monthly at the time of the New Moon. This is the place where only women who had their moon flow or the elder women who had stopped theirs were allowed to enter. When a young girl would begin her flow she was welcomed in honour and reverence by the women into the tent as her first Rites of Passage (we are reclaiming our rights by reclaiming our rites of passages into womanhood). It was there that she was shown the ways of womanhood. It was of utmost importance that she learn the way of her fertility cycle and how that is intrinsically interwoven with that of the natural cycles. She was taught medicine lore, healing arts as well as the arts of sacred sexuality. It was a place where stories, lessons and dreams were shared.

The men revered the women when they were in their flow as they knew that it was then she was in deep connection to the Divine and even when we have stopped flowing we flow with the same rhythm to the moon. Our senses, emotions, psyche and energy are all interconnected with the natural cycles…

The Womyns’ Moonlodge is a sanctified and sacred circle where sisters gather when the energies are most powerful for healing, transforming though initiations. The reclamation of our rites of passage empowers us to shift through our natural transitions with more ease and grace so that we embodies our experiential wisdom and became wisdom keepers for the collective.

Welcome sister into the realm of Woman’s Mysteries…





After having travelled with the forces of the natural cycles…I see the medicine that it gives us. Women’s psyche and feelings fluctuate with the moon our energy with the diurnal rhythms and seasons…We can learn the ways of nature and her magical gateways and realate it to the natural gateway we hold within us which is our magical Womb.

I teach that the only true teacher is that of your inner voice…and you can hear her whisper from your womb-heart space… I am still listening and learning as she guides and directs me…it is a mystery upon which I am floating and spiralling into her wisdom and I am called to share it with you… Every year I journey with the stars, the moon and nature…This year I am travelling with my beloved into the path of Sacred Union of the male and female with my womb and his hara…

My womb-knowing is calling me to share this deeper womb-medicine that is interwoven with the seasons, the phases of woman and elements and it is gestating as a 9 Month Rebirth Year Training that enable women to heal and reconnect with their innate womb-wisdom.

However my womb-heart tells me that I need to journey deeper this year through the different spirals before I may share this you…So, this has lead me to postpone this year’s trainingand restarting next year at the start of the Celtic new year October 31st Samhain…


Klaar om een ​​wijziging aan te brengen?

Iedereen is welkom. Altijd.


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