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Dear and Beautiful Sister,

It fills me with deep gratitude to offer another year of sacred Moonlodges birthed in 2 places Flink and Mahara
Sister….How do you feel when you hear the words…
You are wild and powerful. You are divine and perfect. You are whole – yes just the way you are right now…
The Wild Woman she is calling to all of us. She is the seeking of the spiritual beingness and knowing of the soul within us. We are all awakening to our natural and authentic selves.
All around the world, there is a silent revolution of women gathering together again in Sacred Circle… We have been gathering together since the beginning of the first Mother line all around the world- and in our bones, we know and recognise her powerful practice and heart-calling of the gathering of women to Circle.
Moonlodge stems from the Native American tradition where the women came together when they were flowing- to rest, to share, to hold vision, council, wisdom passed down from the ancestors- to gain insight from each other. It was an honoured time by the whole community and the women were revered for their healing and wise counsel- especially during their time of moonflow when the veils to the dream time were thin allowing for trance-formation.
I hold the Moonlodges around (preferably exactly) around the New Moon and each one is carefully crafted around the energy of the Moon. Each month holds a unique theme which works with the seasonal gateways, the transition of the moon, Wild Woman and other goddess archetypal psychology, the astrological and mandala and I love to use story as medicine. I like to work with trance states, dance, body and breathwork.
The most important aspect is to share our vulnerability. Our soul story so that we can shift energy and help each other rebirth each other anew. The power of sisters gathering to do this kind of work is immense and deeply transformational.
I do not anchor drama, victim or martyr roles- I do anchor our power by holding safe space for us to share from a space of vulnerability so that we can help each other to see our lessons and learn from them. The difference is like meeting over coffee and chatting from the head, and meeting in sacred sanctity of circle and sharing from our heart. The masks and roles are dropped and we hold each other in love and non-judgement so that we can rise…and live from our truth.
I like to use singing, chanting, energy work from the Tantric and Tao philosophies and each Moonlodge is unique.
Flink Yoga Amsterdam

The excitement fills me to be crafting another Womyn’s Moonlodge – a sacred and powerful sisterhood circle…

Our power increase when we gather together with the intention of healing…and this month’s Mooonlodge is all about the balance between our WARRIORESS &GODDESS SELF…..To act and make right choice…and to surrender and receive…

We will work with the Wisdom of your Womb and journey with the medicine of Pele, a living goddess of Hawaii to restore and rekindle our inner passion…GIVING YOURSELF PERMISSION TO DREAM…and then to hold that vision…

Time to release ourselves from our bonds….and to remember what we are all about …that we are …wild…natural and creative…

These Moonlodges always hold a sacred practice of connecting with the WISDOM OF THE WOMB. This month will be an energetic cleansing of the womb. YOU ARE PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL just the way you are right now. One of the things that stop us for connecting with that are past hurts is old wounding and stuck energies and they build up in our wombs…and even if you have no womb, you have an energetic one to cultivate connection with.


*Theme: She who shapes the sacred land…creative fire
*Shadow work: Holding yourself – releasing doubt, self-criticism and judgement clearing our buried emotion

**Moonlodge Details**

14th March

Women’s Womb Medicine Wheel
Journey with the Pele- Womb Cleansing
Dance of the Warrioress and Goddes
Oracle Shared Reading

  • From 15:00-18:00 – dinner afterwards…Nourish your soul and ground your being xXx
  • Costs €45
  • 20% discount on the menu at Flink- all sustainable and made with love
  • Limited spots available so please reserve a spot here on the website for this Moonlodge


 Womyn’s Moonlodge Mahara Holistic LifeStyle Amsterdam city 

**Moonlodge Details**

15th  March

Women’s Womb Medicine Wheel
Journey with the Pele- Womb Cleansing
Oracle Shared Reading

  • Time 16:00-18:00
  • Costs €30
  • Homemade healthy nurturing snacks, vegetarian, vegan with GF options

**The space is intimate – so please reserve your space by following the link here

Mahara here

Or To reserve via me: 06 43744825

Come and be held, come and heal- come and create …

Blessings Wen-Wei

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