Act of Power



A ceremony to honour and welcome a woman stepping into her personal power. This phase is not included in the ancient 3 phases of the Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone), just as the onset of sexuality between maiden and birth is also not included. However I need to agree with my teacher Tanishka’s path, and to Include it as it is an important link the between the Mother and The Wise Woman or originally called, Crone. This is the phase when we embody our true feminine nature as we have been travelling at this stage, many menstruations with the moon and no longer seek validation from what the patriarchal society deems as acceptable. We instead turn towards our gifts and other subtle senses like our intuition or dreams, which in turn enhances them. Therefore this phase is liked to the magi or sorceress as one who relates to her inner source.

* This Act of Power Ceremony can be done annually as a Rites of Passage for the New Year or at Winter or Summer Solstice.

For groups or couples

Duration 3 hours

Costs: €315 for a minimum of 7 women and 45 euros extra per person.

This includes all materials except for the cake and food, this is potluck.

If the ceremony is held in my Temple Space then I can offer to cook food for and extra of €10 pp including drinks.

Keep posted for future retreats in the feminine island of Ibiza!


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