Menarche Ceremony



A young girl’s passage into womanhood which was traditionally her first honouring. And known as menarche Ceremony in ancient cultures. Our daughters are welcomed into a wonderous and magical circle of women of all kinds of ages. It is a forgotten birth rite that is being brought back and it is known as entering the Feminine Wisdom of Women. This is a celebration in an intimate setting where our young women are being gifted with these feminine teachings that empowers and imparts our daughters with a sense of value and worth. She is celebrated for her gift of being able to create life, her unique talents and gifts that she will share with the world, anchoring our daughter’s deep feminine quality with honour and pride. This first welcoming into womanhood is a memory that they will then bring with them for the rest of their life.


What to expect…

* Goddess temple Space

Either in my Goddess Temple Space in my home, or I can bring the temple to you and transform your living space into a beautiful exotic speace, with draping material, cushions, aroma and candlelight.

* Sacred Tea Ceremony

Symbolising how we nurture ourselves and each other. That there is wisdom shared when we gather in circle.

* Women’s Wisdom

Sharing ancient women’s mysteries and how this was celebrated in other cultures in Moonlodges and Red Tents and how this gifts themwith power as they age, teaching them that this is a sacred and honoured time.

* Medicine Power Tool

Learning to make a magical tool in order to honour our feminine body  and our Moon Cycle. Empowered through chanting sacred songs.

* Lunar Mystery Initiation

A journey inward to meet your ancient feminine line of ancestors as a welcome to Sacred Woman’s Mysteries.

* Sacred Gifts

You will learn how to recognise and reinforce your inner subtle senses, like your clairevoyance, Claire sentience, Claire audience and intuition.

* Oracle Medicine

Each of you will consult you oracle and have a group reading.

* Lunar Cycle Wisdom

How to consult the moon cycle and our monthly cycles. You will learn how this impact your physical, emotional and psychological being using female archetypes to help empower you. Learn hwo to be aligned with the moon and stars. You will receive effective tips an how navigate you moonflow, plus products available to help you through.


Duration: 3 hours

Costs: €35 per person with a minimum of 9 – this includes supplies, materials and a Moontime giftbag

Feel free to contact me if you would like a smaller group


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