Wise Woman Ceremony



Traditionally, this was known as Moonpause and later menopause. In China it is known as the Second Spring and whilst this may be the end of our bleeding, we still energetically flow with the changes of the moon. The difference between peri-menopause and moon pause is that there are exactly 12 months in between. Therefore be sure to map out your flow for the coming of this very special moment, for it will be a time for your Croning Ceremony. The real meaning of the word crone, is crown- as we are crowned by our silver hair of wisdom. In the western world, we normally reach this period between the ages of 45- 55 and some of us earlier due to a medical procedure and it is important to mark this transitional phase to give honour and appreciation to our womb for its journey.

It is a time of freedom and a gift to honour yourself and mark this grand life transition from the ‘All-Giving Mother to the All-Seeing Wise Woman, encircled with the ones who are dearest.

A beautiful way to make a celebration for anyone’s birthday in their 50+ years and the onset of Moonpause.


Duration: 3 hours

Costs: €450

Group Ceremony: € 450

Including supplies


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