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Rest2Flow is living from the heart, in your body (embodiment) and deeply connected to your Spirit so that you live your authentic life. I walk with my clients to undergo deep transformations from a place of unconsciousness living, reactivity and overhwelm to a space of wholeness and grace…and a life that is authentically fulfilling. 

I work with both men and women… However my passion at this moment brings me to work on a deeper level with women, delving into into ancient teachings and wisdom of the Ancient Mysteries of the Divine Feminine. Guiding women into what is means to embody and empower thier sacred womanhood. 

I use a mix of holistic teachings like tantric and Taoistic and Celtic (drawing knowledge from my ancestory) and spiritual techniques, mediation, shamanic and ritual practices as well as my lifelong expertise to achieve wellness across all aspects of your life: your psyche (inner realm), energy, emotional and body. 

Making a living is not the same as making a life…”

Maya Angelou


Be Kind To Yourself Today

Soul Coaching

Let walk with you to overcome obstacles, fears, doubts or to achieve your highest potential, dreams and goals. Connect for an Intake session.

Womyn's Mysteries

Welcome sister…Welcome to a gathering that refills your cup, touches your innermost soul landscape and brings you back into wholeness…Welcome…

Shamanic Ritual Trance Dance

Eyes closed, your other senses awaken…Journey with Spirit and awaken…

“The last time I felt this good was my 16th birthday, skiing down a Swiss mountain – that energy, that joy, that expectation about life… I have it again.  But now I’m in my 40’s with two children.

Thank you so much for opening my eyes and heart to the world again Wen-Wei.  I cannot recommend you enough”


Who Am I?


“May you walk in beauty” Lakota Indian


I am deeply committed to helping people to come into their true power and that means, not power over, but deep, inner and wise power which we all have access to. It is my calling to ‘walk with you’ as I offer guidance and counsel to help us through the times when life feels as though it has spun out of control.

My devotion for living from the heart has brought me on the path of discovering ancient Feminine Wisdom Teachings and practices. This shamanic journey has led me to the present where I hold monthly sacred sisterhood circles, called Womyn’s Moonlodges in which I teach other women of all ages the Sacred Women’s Mysteries and hold Rites of Passages Ceremonies.

 Heart-centred is Yin…Is the feeling aspect. The female counterpart to Yang. And due to the result orientated and driven society we live in, I incorporate and embody the Yin in all of my teachings and practices. This means staying truly present and reclaiming our self-love, acceptance and alignment to the web of life.

Aware-full Lifestyle:

  • Heart-Centred Living through connection to your feeling self. 
  • Trusting that Life holds and supports you.
  • Becomming conscious of our shadow self.
  • Taking responsibility for our own Life, our choices and what shows up.
  • Using your gifts and talents to honour Life. 

I facilitate Awareness through:

  • Soul Coaching for both men and women.
  • Sacred Feminine  Wisdom Teachings.
  • Shamanic Ritual Trance Dance.


I invite you to close your eyes and see with your heart…

Your Spirit is calling, can you listen? To come home, into your body, go deep within and reconnect with the Great Mystical Dark that speaks with our Soul. 


Your eyes are covered with a blind-fold and your body moves you… The heart-beat of the drum dances you and the medicine of the journey workd deep into your spirit… Allow youself to immerse in the Dream Time to expereince in-body and in-sight. To see with your heart…

She invites us to delve into the innermost depths of our Sacred Feminine. To intertwine with the secret and sacred deepness of our Wombs…

Sharing Wisdom

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This is a post to help guide through the period of the Venus retrograde in 2020. To understand the value of speaking our deepest truth to with our partners however scary…because it ultimately brings intimacy…

Venus Retrograde & True Intimacy

This is a post to help guide through the period of the Venus retrograde in 2020. To understand the value of speaking our deepest truth to with our partners however scary…because it ultimately brings intimacy…

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